Walton County Snowbirds…Who’d of Thought?

A recent article on the local wjhg.com website covered the fact that winter is a popular season for vactioners to visit the Beaches of South Walton. That I knew. What I did not know is that these Snowbirds, as they call them, are a club within South Walton. The club, called Walton County Snowbirds is dedicated to families and visitors to the area during the winter months.

The club revolves around the fact that people flocking (like birds, get it?) to the area are in search of events, recommendations and things to do. This year the area is enjoying a spike in interest, according to the article:

“Thirty events, the most ever,” said Jon Ervin, of Walton County TDC. “Whether it is culinary festival, wine festivals, art festivals or music festivals, this is the season. ‘Tis the season in more ways than one.”

If you are looking to escape the winter for a bit, let us know!



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