Take advantage of snorkeling in South Walton

south walton snorkeling

South Walton nearby snorkeling

Being surrounded by beaches and seconds away from the Gulf of Mexico attracts swimmers, divers and snorkelers to South Walton and nearby Grayton Beach. The area’s waters are teeming with activity and wildlife with a few places offering SCUBA and snorkeling tours to nearby islands. Recently, for divers looking to find their own adventure, an artificial wreath was built in the shape of a turtle in Grayton Beach State Park and is “geared for snorkelers wanting to enjoy marine life close to shore,” according to an article in Walton Outdoors.

This artificial reef is one of many planned in the area and will provide an opportunity for snorkelers without having to venture out to nearby islands or off to nearby cities to find access to reefs. The artificial reef in Grayton Beach will attract small marine animals, fish, coral and barnacles to provide opportunities for swimmers to take in local Gulf life that cannot be seen from the beach.


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