How new visitors take in Beaches of South Walton

Never ceases to be the case that people who first hit the Beaches of South Walton realize they have been missing out! A recent Travel Weekly article highlights the 30A area from a newbie’s perspective and tours through the glorious beaches and attractions.

But I was unprepared for the stunningly rugged dunes, the highest of which rises 30 feet above the Gulf. I was also intrigued by the area’s cultural life. South Walton has more than 60 art galleries and an active music scene.


You may think you know the area by reading reviews, seeing the Truman Show, or looking at pictures on popular travel sites, but until your toes sift through the white sands or you take in the local culture, you have no idea. For Heaven’s Sake is the perfect retreat amidst a multitude of communities such as Dune Allen, Blue Mountain, Santa Rosa Beach, Seagrove and Grayton Beach. I know this has piqued your interest, chuck out our vacation rental availability and book soon!


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