Celebrity spotting in South Walton

Celebrities in South WaltonNormally, I’d be looking at the beach, the pool or closing my eyes and taking in the sounds of waves hitting the shore. You will have to excuse me being wrapped up in those intoxicating aspects of South Walton when I tell you I have missed on the celebrities that are flocking to the area. I’m in my own Florida vacation world and it takes quite a bit to pull me from that place. Based on a an article from Watertown Daily Times, it looks like I have my own red carpet along 30A.

Among those who frequent the area: country music stars Faith Hill, Kenney Chesney and Luke Bryan; actors Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn; NFL stars Tony Romo and Eli Manning; and even presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Republican political consultant Karl Rove.

If you are looking to potentially run into a Hollywood or sports star during your South Walton vacation, seems like the potential exists! Have you run into any celebs while you were in the panhandle for vacation…let us know by commenting.

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