Walton County Snowbirds…Who’d of Thought?

A recent article on the local wjhg.com website covered the fact that winter is a popular season for vactioners to visit the Beaches of South Walton. That I knew. What I did not know is that these Snowbirds, as they call them, are a club within South Walton. The club, called Walton County Snowbirds is dedicated to families and visitors to the area during the winter months.

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Halloween on the Beaches of South Walton

Fall in The Beaches of South Walton

For Heaven’s Sake is not just a Spring Break and Summer vacation spot. South Walton offers year round fun and frolic and Halloween is NO exception. Take a look at some of the events going on in the area. Full list of events is provided by the Walton Sun

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Take advantage of snorkeling in South Walton

Recently, for divers looking to find their own adventure, an artificial wreath was built in the shape of a turtle in Grayton Beach State Park and is “geared for snorkelers wanting to enjoy marine life close to shore,” according to an article in Walton Outdoors.

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